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PTTA Fundraising Programs

Did you know that you can support CDS when you do your shopping at Amazon, Rainbow Grocery, Sports Basement and Mabel’s Labels? Supporting CDS has never been so easy!

For Amazon, use and the PTTA receives up to 10% of the proceeds.

  • Your shopping experience is the same, even your Amazon Prime applies to the purchase.

  • This link tags your purchases for a donation to CDS.

Shop at Sports Basement, tell the cashier you’re with Children’s Day School and get 10% off your purchase, with 10% of the proceeds going back to CDS.

Shop at Rainbow Grocery and 10% of the proceeds go back to CDS.

  • The PTTA will sell Rainbow cards after Friday assembly for $20 or email Cari Spivack to arrange to buy a card.

  • They come pre-loaded with $20.

  • Use the Rainbow card like you would a cash card.

  • When the card balance is spent you recharge it at Rainbow and CDS continues to receive 10% of the proceeds.

Looking for labels for your child’s clothing, sports equipment or lunch box? If you buy from Mabel’s Labels CDS receives 20% of the sale: These peel-and-stick labels are dishwasher and washing machine safe. Order today and support CDS!

Escrip: register at and CDS receives between 1-10% of the proceeds

  • Group name 138042485

  • Register your Safeway and Molly Stones card and the PTTA receives donations

  • Register your credit card and we receive donations when you eat at many restaurants around the country. Search the list here

  • Even if you’ve registered for escrip in the past, you need to re-register each year.